Major Programs Overview

Major Programs Overview

Clean Diesel Projects
Ozarks GreenScore
Ozarks Materials Exchange

The 3-day Fundamentals of Sustainability workshop provides participants with professional training focused on developing a fundamental understanding of organizational sustainability.

Clean Diesel Projects help distribute federal funding to area diesel fleet owners to perform projects that reduce the environmentally and socially harmful pollutants emitted by the use of diesel fuel.

Our Green Guide Intern Program serves as a central point of connection for organizations and area college students interested in sustainability internships.

We offer direct sustainability assistance to organizations by providing expert advice and training on how to incorporate environmental, social and economic considerations into their operations.

Ozarks GreenScore educates, motivates, and recognizes area organizations for their efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.

The Ozarks Materials Exchange provides users with connections to people who have materials once destined for the landfill, but whose value and useful life make them another organization's treasure.

Organizational Asistance

The P4S offers its members a range of services designed to boost economic efficiency, engage employees, and improve environmental performance.  Whether you're simply beginning your organization’s journey toward sustainability or are ready to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan, we welcome the opportunity to work with your organization by offering tailored services designed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

You’ll find our key assistance offerings outlined below, so you can better understand how we might aide you. But, if you don't see the exact service you're seeking, or if you have any other sustainability-related questions, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your specific needs.

Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance
Every organization produces pollution, which can be in the form of solid waste, toxic waste, air emissions, waste water, and/or wasted energy. All of these waste streams come with a cost, and in some cases double the cost when considering purchasing and disposals expenses. By approaching these waste streams from a pollution prevention perspective, organizations can reduce their volumes, lower purchasing and/or disposable costs, improve worker safety, reduce liabilities, and improve the health and wealth of our community.
P4S can assist with any phase of pollution prevention efforts - from assessment to implementation to monitoring. Our technical assistance includes:
Waste Stream Assessments
Identifying Alternative Products/Technologies
Development of In-Process Recycling
Employee Training
Securing Interns
Development of Waste Monitoring Solutions
Evaluation of Source Reduction Strategies
Organizational Assessments
In order to effectively improve performance, an organization needs to look at its operations from a holistic perspective. When an entity focuses solely on one specific problem, it may fail to see how the operating structures or policies contribute both to the problem and the solution. As such, P4S works with key organizational members to examine operations from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. Through examination of these interconnected elements, practical solutions for improving performance not only manifest, but also have a better opportunity to succeed.

Key organizational assessment services offered by P4S include:
Policy Review and Analysis
Assistance with Environmental Recognition Programs
Identification and Assistance with Management Tools
Sustainability Planning
Speaker Services
P4S staff members gladly work with entities throughout the Ozarks to help educate employees and the general public about sustainability issues. As such, P4S staff provides their time and expertise to help fulfill needs for speakers at meetings, conferences, on panel discussion boards, or through written commentary. If you have a speaker need related to sustainability, please contact us.  If we can’t help, we will gladly assist you in locating someone who can.

Training Programs
Implementing programs or policies designed to improve performance requires effective on-site management. In many cases, organizations do not have the staff expertise to develop or oversee these types of programs and strategies. With a little training, however, most entities can overcome this common barrier.

We provide both on-site and off-site training programs for those organizations that need to invest in professional development for some or all of their staff. We can also develop customized training programs for delivery at your facility. As with all our services, we do our best to account for unique situations and needs, and will work with you to design a program specifically suited for your organization.