Whether you're simply seeking more information or needing to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan, we welcome the opportunity to work with your organization on achieving your sustainability goals. As such, our comprehensive resources library is here to support your organizational needs through links to sustainability tools, tips, and information to support your goals.   If you don't see the exact information you're seeking, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your specific needs.
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Case Studies

* By broadening their view of pollution prevention, Tri-State Technologies Inc, has seen significant cost savings via their focus on energy and water savings.  Read More...

* In order to improve worker health and safety, as well as the environment, Custom Print Corporation found that performing a "process evaluation" review was one of the best ways to locate pollution prevention needs within their organization.  Read More...

* Seeking to improve both public perception and air quality, Ethan Allen's Vermont manufacturing facility implemented changes to reduce their air emissions.  To learn more about their best practices click here...

* Searching for the profit in pollution prevention? 

* Realizing that conventional farming techniques were having a detrimental effect on their land, the Loup Valley Dairy farm used the principles of life cycle analysis to identify more sustainable farming practices.  Read More...

*Finding Cost Effective Pollution Prevention Initiatives: Incorporating Environmental Costs into Business Decisions Read More...


The following websites provide quality information on sustainability tools and information. We encourage you to explore the many facets involved in operating in a sustainable manner and to contact us for more information or assistance.

Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator

Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

Sustainability at the EPA

EPA for Businesses and Non-Profits homepage

EPA EnviroAtlas

The Dictionary of Sustainable Management

Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange

GEMI Water Sustainability Tool

Sustainability Advantage Dashboard